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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of being a Pilot VIP?

What is NIE?

What is EZ-Pay?

What do I do about my paper when I go on vacation?

What if I am interested in advertising on or running a promotion with Pilot VIP?

Can I change my subscription from this web site?

How do I let you know if there are delivery problems?

How do I get past copies of the paper?

What is ePilot?

How do I win contests on PilotVIP?

Why do I end up on PilotOnline/Hampton when I try to win DVDs and movie tickets?

What are the rules for all PilotVIP contests?

What if I have trouble logging in or registering?

Will PilotVIP use or sell my personal information?

Why is the Pilot VIP coupon card not accepted at some Azteca locations?